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Varsity assignments for October 27-29  have been updated on October 27th at 2:15 PM to the website under the Schedules – Varsity heading. Latest changes are highlighted in blue, please review carefully. Contact the respective Satellite Secretaries regarding any opening in chain assignments.

The schedule and assignments have been loaded into zebra-ware — you are expected to accept the assignment, or if not available for the game, reject the assignment as soon as practical.


Our annual banquet is scheduled for November 7th at Brookhaven Country Club – 6:30 pm. We are bringing back our DFOA scholarship, benefiting a local athlete.

 We are holding a raffle at our banquet to fund this scholarship. DFOA needs your help in providing raffle items. Whether it is you personally, your company, suppliers, neighbors or establishments you frequent – everyone can help support this effort.

Whether it be Cowboys, Rangers, Stars or Mavericks tickets, other sports related items (golf/tennis) Dining Gift Certificates or landscaping services any and everything is welcome.

 Our solicitation letter is posted below


The October 2016 proposed by-laws and the Summary of the changes have been posted to the DFOA website and can be found under the Chapter News -By-Laws heading.

Attention DFOA members,

 The Board of Directors has approved the duties for the Secretary and Assistant Secretary positions beginning in January of 2017.  As you can see from the document, the list also includes the implementation of a Treasurer position which will be appointed by the Board of Directors.  We believe this will allow more checks and balances to the appropriation of DFOA funds.  While this is a very thorough list, it is not an exhaustive list and there are duties that will likely be added to any of the 3 positions as the board sees fit.

Should you have any questions, please contact your Board representative.

Chapter Secretary Description

“Provide a Ride”

TASO Football and Gridiron Heroes have created an initiative that will significant impact the life of a student athlete injured while playing the game we al love.  “Provide a Ride” is TASO Football’s initiative to donate a wheel chair accessible van to the family of an injured student athlete.   Provide a Ride is entirely voluntary, but please take a look and consider your participation.

For more information, click HERE

TASO District Director Newsletter – August 2016

Stay up to date with all TASO information see attached

TASO News August 2016

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