Below is a list of training modules presented during DFOA regularly scheduled meetings.

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  1. 5-man Crew Radio Mechanics
  2. 7 man Crew Radio MechanicsComm Systems
  3. DFOA Deep Officials 201
  4. DFOA 2017 Box Man Program
  5. Hudl-Exchange-Info
  6. DFOA Crew Chief 2016
  7. Keys To Becoming A Good Official
  8. The Crew Ten Commandments
  9. Mechanics and Working with Players & Coaches
  10. Ball Mechanics
  11. 2017 DFOA 7-man LOS Runing and Passing Training
  12. 2017 DFOA Regional Clinic 7 man Kick Mechanics DEEP WINGS, UMPIRE, BJ
  13. Kicking Game Mechanics BFS Presentation
  14. Rule 10 presentation
  15. 7 man Mechanics R&U