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What is the DFOA?

The Dallas Football Officials Association (DFOA) is one of the largest chapters of football officials in the state of Texas. With over 630 members, we officiate football throughout the metroplex.

We are a chapter of the Texas Association of Sport Officials (TASO), which is the governing body over most high school and junior high school sports officials in the state of Texas. They work directly with the University Interscholastic League (UIL),  the governing body of public schools in Texas, as well as TAPPS, the governing body of the private schools.

Every year, before the season, we make agreements with local schools and districts to provide football officials for their varsity and sub-varsity football games.

The chapter assigns officials to work these games. The schools pay the official directly for his/her services. In 2013 we had over 11,200 officiating game assignments.

Download this file (New Member Guide 2015.pdf)New Member Guide 2015.pdf[ ]200 Kb
Game Assignments

New officials initially gain experience working sub-varsity games. In addition, chain crew assignments on Friday nights provide valuable insight into officiating. With these efforts, new officials learn the basic rules and officiating mechanics. Experience takes time and effort.

Sub-varsity games are assigned by satellite secretaries. These men coordinate the sub-varsity games in different areas of the metroplex. You will contact them to schedule games. Many of the games are booked during the summer but there are always games available.

Don't be afraid to contact them again and again because changes often occur by the hour once the season starts. Sub-varsity games are scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings (Start times range from 4 to 5:30 PM).

The majority of the time you will be working 2 games at each assignment. You will be asked to work games in a variety of areas of town. This gets you good exposure to more officials and coaches.

Pee Wee games are not directly associated with our chapter, but are typically assigned by members of our chapter who work with the various leagues. These games provide a great training ground for new officials.


New member training sessions are taught each year. There are sessions both in the off-season and during the season.  Training is done in the classroom and on the field

Sub-varsity game fees are determined by the University Interscholastic League. Most schools will have you fill out a pay sheet and will then mail you a check within 2-3 weeks. Some schools pay cash. Sub-varsity game fees range from $30-$45 per game. Varsity games range from $65-$180.
Uniforms can be purchased at chapter meetings as well as several places in the metroplex and through various mail-order suppliers. Expect to spend approximately $175.00 for a complete uniform (with solid black cleats).
Officials Division Rankings

Members are ranked based on points accrued by working games. There are 5 divisions with 5 being where new members start and 1 being the top division. It will usually take at least 2 years to move up to division 4 depending on how many games you work.

There are several ways to earn points, including the score on your rules test, educational clinic attendance, including the State Rules Meeting, and contest units for games worked in the previous year.


To join the state organization (TASO) and our chapter (DFOA), you will be required to pay a total of $100.00 for your first season.  The TASO Application Dues are $35 and are paid on-line. Go to www.taso.arbitersports.com/front/108835/registration to pay the TASO dues.

These dues cover the necessary administrative and operating costs of the various organizations, rulebooks, and access to the websites where there are current NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations book, current Mechanics Manuals, and a current DFOA directory of officials and schools.

Application Form

Open up the DFOA Application Form attached below in Microsoft Word. Fill it out, send it with a check made out to DFOA for $ 65, and mail to DFOA, 2005 Fairmeadow, Richardson, TX 75080. You can contact Bruce Tiff, the recruiting chairman, at . You may also give Bruce a call on his cell phone (214-642-8109) if you have any questions.


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